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Benefit from experience and lessons learned from the ongoing SELECT for Cities Pre-Commercial Procurement Project to develop a data-driven, Internet-of-Everything (IoE) platform for large-scale urban co-creation 

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Thinking about adopting Pre-Commercial Procurement for your Smart City projects? Check out our experiences in this simple, easy-to-digest, guide. From PCP basics to handy hints and tips, this ebooklet contains all your need to get started.

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A Happy Finale for Select for Cities

February 05, 2020

Its official, the SELECT for Cities project to stimulate the research and development of city-wide Internet-of-Everything platforms has officially ended, marked by successfully passing the final project review at the European Commission in Brussels. Project partners from Digipolis Antwerpen, Forum Virium Helsiniki, iMec and 21c met with the Project Officer and three independent reviewers to showcase the final innovation results, share challenges encountered and overcome, and discuss a longer lasting legacy.

Despite coming to a close the benefits delivered by the project will continue in the month and years ahead. The SELECT for City Contractors have advanced smart city solutions to sell across Europe and beyond. Cities have three new open source city innovation platforms with advanced predictive data analytics to potentially procure from.  The Pre-Commercial-Procurement (PCP) tool itself is bolstered through lessons learned from the SELECT experience, which are already being adopted by new PCP projects such as FABULOS and OpenAI.  New research and innovation have been stimulated, and spin-off companies created bolstering European competitiveness.

It wasn’t an easy project with a range of technical, legal and procedural challenges, however, through collaboration, hard work and open communication between the project partners and platform contractors the project met its ambitious aims.  If you are thinking of starting a PCP, or indeed entering one as a supplier, the SELECT for Cities team would be happy to discuss their experiences with you.  The SELECT knowledge portal is still live so don’t hesitate to contact the team through the web form on this site.

All good things come to an end...

November 29, 2019

Today the SELECT for Cities journey comes to an end but we are all confident that new opportunities will come and we want to ensure all our audience that SELECT for Cities Hub will be continued for a minimum period of 2 years.

"Four years later, the SELECT for Cities consortium is much wiser in the art of using pre-commercial procurement (PCP) to stimulate city innovation. SELECT for Cities may be coming to an end, but its impact on the Smart Cities market is just beginning" said Susie McAleer of 21c Consultancy (dissemination leader).

SELECT for Cities would like to thank all the Contractors that participated in the SELECT for Cities project!

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SELECT for Cities Team: 

Forum Virium Helsinki | Digipolis Antwerpen | City of Antwerpen | City of Copenhagen | imec | 21c Consultancy

Smart Cities Need Innovative Procurement Practices: Select Shares Final Results at SCEWC19

November 25, 2019

Select for Cities is nearing the end of it's four-year innovation journey to create the Internet of Everything (IoE) Platforms for the collaborative design and development of smarter city services. The use of Pre-Commercial Procurement (PCP) to stimulate innovation and R&D proved to be a success and we proudly presented the final results across the three days of the Smart City Expo World Congress ( #SCEWC19) in Barcelona. 


From a consistent presence on the Open and Agile Smart Cities (OASC) booth, including the hosting of a innovation procurement Q&A surgery, to a series of demos and presentations on Contractor stands, SELECT for Cities was omnipresent throughout the prestigious event.

A dedicated networking reception on the first evening of the conference marked a big occasion for the SELECT for Cities Contractors as they were awarded the results of the PCP competition.  Over 50 smart city influencer's and practitioner's attended, and heard from DG CNECT's Svetoslav Mihaylov who outlined the importance of PCP and co-creation before the PCP Contractors received their winners certificate. 

  1. University of Florence - Snap4City Platform

  2. Indra Soluciones Tecnologias de la Informacion S.L.U. - Onesait Platform

  3. Engineering Ingegneria Informatica S.P.A. - DigitalEnabler Platform

The networking event also provided an opportunity for the launch of the SELECT for Cities Guide to Pre-Commercial Procurement (PCP) booklet, designed to share the lessons learned from the project with other cities interested in using PCP to procure Smart City innovation.  Purposefully provided in an easily digestible form, the booklet provides a simple overview of what is involved in using PCP and offers tips and advice for new adopters. 200 copies of the booklet were shared at conference and can also be downloaded from the SELECT website.

Finally, SELECT ended a successful conference on the last day of the event with a presentation by chief DigiPolis procurer, Ann Fournier, on the main Congress stage.  As Ann shared with the SCEWC19 audience, SELECT for Cities may be coming to a close, but the impact of its results are only just beginning!

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