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Project Work Packages

The project management framework for delivering the SELECT for Cities competition is provided below.
SELECT is divided into seven work packages each one having a responsible leader.  There is close interaction between work packages (WP) and together they generate the PCP call. The remaining work packages provide a support and management function to run the project.










A brief description of the individual work packages:


  • WP1 Project Coordination and Management:  The aim of this work package is to ensure the quality levels of the project’s results through the continuous monitoring of the project activities and their proper execution, the coordination of the work plan, and the optimum coordination of the partners.


  • WP2 Preparation (Phase 0): Work Package 2 aims to finetune the common PCP challenge and finalise the procuring partners’ requirements. It will do so by investigating the market’s response to the SELECT challenge through an open market consultation. The results will help develop an overall and adequate procurement strategy and structure to conduct the procurement activities during the execution of the project.


  • WP3 Solution Design (Phase 1): This WP executes Phase 1 of the PCP.  Activities consist of a feasibility study of proposed solutions and technologies. It aims to verify the conceptual, technological, organizational and budgetary feasibility of a selected number of proposals from different companies. The concept phase will consist of an open call. 


  • WP4 Prototyping (Phase 2): The main objective of this phase is to transform those chosen companies’ innovative solutions presented in phase 1 into validated prototypes. The selection process is based on an application process, in which the applicants design, roadmap and provide budgetary estimates. 


  • WP5 Pre-Production (Phase 3): The objective of WP5 is to validate the proposed solutions in real life conditions. SELECT for Cities takes the standard PCP approach of running pilots a step further by inserting a two-phased work package that includes living lab testing. This approach will give the buyers group better insight into the quality of the proposed solutions, making a more informed decision possible.


  • WP6 Reviews and Recommendations: The main objective of WP6 is to provide a review of the PCP process and a report on the assessment and validation of the innovative solutions resulting from the project.


  • WP7 Communications Management: Work Package 7 aims at securing the success of the SELECT for Cities tender process in the long-term and to ensure that the results of the PCP contribute substantially to the positive and lasting impact of the SELECT for Cities platform on IoE service deployment in cities. To this end, effective dissemination and communication actions will be planned, validated and executed during each phase of the Project lifecycle.

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