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How to Enter

SELECT for Cities is open to all organisations, not just those based in the competition cities of Antwerp, Copenhagen and Helsinki.


The competition is funded across three phases. The participants who will take part in the funded competition will be chosen through a tender process.  This tender process will select the organisations or consortium's to begin the competition.  At the end of each phase the number of contractors will be narrowed down until at least two organisations are left to undertake large-scale demonstrations of their solution in Phase 3.


  • Phase 1: Suppliers will be asked to highlight the technical feasibility of the tendered concept.

  • Phase 2: Chosen suppliers from Phase 1 will develop & demonstrate their prototypes.

  • Phase 3: Chosen suppliers from Phase 2 will test in a larger-scale living lab environment located in all three of the competition cities.


Phase 3: Living Lab testing in 3 cities 

Phase 1: Feasibility of concept

Phase 2: Prototype and small-scale testing

The boxes below provide access to the tender documents for entering the competition, information about the contract and funding tool plus a partnering tool for suppliers who wish to join forces with other organisations to enter the competition.


View the Tender documents with instructions on how to enter the competition


How the funding will work across all the phases of the competition.


Partner with other like-minded companies/organisations to enter the competition using SELECT's matchmaking tool

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